SmartCity® Web Revalue

SmartCity® Web Revalue provides your cardholders with the ability to load value to a SmartCity® card using a web browser. This is achieved viaa secure connection, from credit or debit cards or checking accounts directly to the cardholder's SmartCity® card account. This can be done by the cardholder themselves or by another person – thus facilitating the loading of gift value or the transfer of funds for meals or books for college students.

The Web Revalue System consists of two separate websites: The first website is for the credit cardholders, debit cardholders or checking account holders. Here all of the details necessary for crediting a SmartCity® card are captured – the credit, debit card or checking account number, the SmartCity® ISO card number and the purse number. The cardholder also inputs the value they wish to load to the SmartCity® card.

The second website is for SmartCity® cardholders and allows them to load the value credited to their card. This occurs through a PC equipped with a Smart Card reader and the SmartCity® Internet Reader Server software. The cardholder goes to the SmartCity® Web Revalue website, inserts their card in the reader, and loads the value to their card.

Value can then be spent from the card immediately, in any of the local or off campus SmartCity® locations. In addition to the transfer of funds, the Web Revalue system also functions as an Internet Card Holder Portal. This gives the cardholder the flexibility to manage their card, transactions and cardholder details.

Through the Internet Portal, cardholders can check their Purse details, view their transaction history (lists of recent purchase and credit transactions) and change their PIN number.

The system can be used with new or current use SmartCity® cards.


The key benefits of the SmartCity® Web Revalue System include:

  • The ability to reload SmartCity® cards remotely, from any location, at any time

  • The ability to securely transfer funds from a credit card, debit card or checking account

  • he ability to load funds simply and conveniently to the SmartCity® card from any PC equipped with a card reader

  • The ability to view and update cardholder details via the web

  • Removal of the need to handle cash in any form on campus

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