SmartCity® SaaS (Hosted) Multi-Application Smart Card System

SmartCity® SaaS allows for Easy and Cost Effective Implementation of smart card applications and systems. SmartCity® SaaS (Software as a Service) is our new generation hosted solution that is simple to install, operate, and maintain.

The SaaS model reduces the upfront investment without sacrificing any capabilities. This solution is ideal for a campus or business that wants to implement smart cards but may only require them for one department or group, or one application. Our SaaS model is scalable so it can accommodate any size installation.

SmartCity® core functionality (Back Office, Security, and Server functions) is housed at our facilities and can be securely accessed by system operators and cardholders worldwide, 365/4/7. This allows for an easy set-up with full system functions, including card management, account management, transaction processing, audit, and reporting. As an added bonus with SmartCity® SaaS, on-going software maintenance and upgrades are handled by us.


SmartCity® SaaS Applications : Start with one or more modules, add applications as your needs expand:

  • ePurse: for purchases/payments in retail, vending, laundry, bookstore, copy, print, tuition, Includes dedicated purse(s) for specific use.

  • Meal Plans: for all your meal and dining requirements

  • Secure Logon  to PCs, networks and the internet: Provide a quick, simple and highly secure way to logon using a card

  • Password Wallet: Stores multiple passwords securely

  • Door Access: Access restricted areas quickly and securely

  • Biometrics: Provide additional security tier for logical or physical access. Biometrics stored on card so no privacy concerns

  • eTicketing: Use your card to pay for tickets and load the tickets directly on your card to gain entry to events.

  • Loyalty: Earn points while you shop. Configure different programs for each merchant or run campus-wide incentives. Rewards can be instant or accumulated.

  • Parking: Pay for time at meters, pay and display systems or access to Complete on-site system not required

Key Benefits of SmartCity® SaaS  Include

  • Complete on-site system not required

  • Minimum hardware investment

  • Quick and simple to setup & maintain

  • Instant upgrade option

  • Choice of single or multiple SmartCity® modules offers flexibility & future proofing

  • Contact and contactless applications

  • Full back end system including card issuance, transaction processing and reporting

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A complete multi-application card based solution for your business. Read more.

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