SmartCity® Products

The SmartCity® solution includes hardware, software, training, and systems integration for card issuers, operators, processors, merchants, and cardholders.

In addition to our renowned SmartCity multi-application Suite, other products also include our EazyFuel Fuel and Fleet Card Solutions, Meal Plans, Access Solutions for Logical and Physical Access, eTicketing, Web Revalue, Loyalty and SaaS (hosted) solutions.

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SmartCity® Multi-Application System

Our flagship product, SmartCity®, is a multi application smart card system providing you with everything you need to issue and manage smart cards and smart card applications for both contact and contactless smart cards . SmartCity® can be implemented in a modular approach, allowing you to gradually move to SmartCity®, while still supporting older systems.

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EazyFuel Fleet and Fuel Card Solutions

The SmartCity® Smart Fuel Card is a unique solution that offers both fleet and customer end-to-end fuel card systems with added optional applications, such as loyalty and gift cards, to reward and incentivise your customers.

With offline and online capability, multi-currency, multi-language and support for multiple card products, the SmartCity® Fuel card offers flexibility and configurability that lets you create a market leading, innovative and future-proofed product for your business and personal customers.

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SmartCity® Meal Plans

The SmartCity® Meal Plan System provides colleges and schools with a modular meal plan that can include a simple declining purse option or block meal plans for weekly fixed, flexible and extra meals.

As with all other applications in the SmartCity® System, SmartCity® Meal Plans can be included as a standalone module or as part of a wider SmartCity® Campus Card system.

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SmartCity® Access Solutions for Logical and Physical Access

Control access to computers and networks as well as ensuring safety and security in your physical buildings. Our Password Wallet Solution allows you to have simple, password free access to your networks and solutions, while SmartCity® Physical Access allows you to integrate a door access system into your campus or corporate card system.

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SmartCity® eTicketing

SmartCity® eTicketing lets your cardholder buy a ticket for an event over the web, download the ticket to their card and use their card to enter the event. Once inside they can buy goods using the same card. No paper tickets!

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SmartCity® Web Revalue

SmartCity® Web Revalueallows cards to be revalued over the internet from anywhere in the world. Parents can load value to student cards, and the cardholder downloads the funds to their card and can spend right away. They can even specify which purse to load.

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SmartCity® Loyalty

SmartCity® Loyalty allows you to offer your customers incentives to keep shopping with you. Our loyalty system ranges from a simple point for purchases to a more complex and customisable loyalty suite, giving benefits to you and your customers.

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SmartCity® SaaS (Hosted) Solutions

SmartCity® SaaS (Software as a Service) is our new generation hosted solution that is simple to install, operate, and maintain. The SaaS model reduces the upfront investment without sacrificing any capabilities.

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SmartCity® Fuel Card Solutions

Our extensive fuel card solutions can add significant value to your fleet and customer programme. Read more.

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