SmartCity® Parking

SmartCentric Technologies International Ltd (SmartCentric) provide car parking solutions for many different sectors. Whether you need a small parking solution for a business or campus, or require a full scale municipal parking solution, the SmartCity® Parking Solution gives you a robust and proven option for your parking needs.


Based around the proven SmartCity® ePurse, value is loaded to a smart parking card over the internet or in small or large merchant stores. The cardholder then uses their card to pay for parking in either single or multi-bay parking meters.


As there is no cash in use in the system, the cardholder can park without needing the correct change for the meter, and the system operator no longer needs to collect cash and coins.


Value on the cards may also be used for small purchases in shops, such as newspapers, coffee or food items.


The system is fully customisable and can be used with contact or contactless smart cards.

















SmartCity® Fuel Card Solutions

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