SmartCity® Loyalty Solutions : Customer Incentives

The SmartCity® Customer Incentive Application is a new generation promotional tool that can be used to successfully boost sales and improve customer retention.

The system can support a number of different reward schemes on a single card and offer customers other non-reward applications on the same card, giving the opportunity to target customers individually with rewards and truly added-value programmes.

The reward system can issue points based on purchase value, visit or special promotions.

Points are stored on the card so transactions operate offline and are later be sent to the back office for processing.

The cards can also be reloaded with value and used as a Gift card.

Points can be redeemed at the POS, as cash or as a voucher or gift, or can be automatically awarded when the cardholder reaches a certain points level.

Different levels of points can also be awarded based on cardholder type – e.g. Gold, silver, platinum.

Reports can be generated to allow the merchants or scheme operators to monitor purchasing activity.

Benefits of SmartCity® Customer Incentives :

  • Loyalty points instantly redeemable at the POS
  • Reduced paperwork and administration
  • Add special promotional periods
  • Gold, silver and platinum reward levels
  • Add other applications to the card to increase value to the cardholder
  • Contactless (RFID) cards mean the cardholder just has to tap and go.
  • Real benefits instantly redeemable where they spend

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