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SmartCentric, established in December 2002, is a specialist solutions company focused 100% on secure payments and transactions, particularly in the Fuel Card market. SmartCentric, have been delivering solutions to the fuel industry for over 15 years across multiple countries, including against aggressive timescales. In the last number of years, SmartCentric invested significantly in its product portfolio and recently launched SmartCity® EazyFuel, a Cloud based SaaS Fuel Card management solution providing online authorization system, which supports offline activity based on agreed business rules. SmartCity® EazyFuel is already being used by a number of European fuel companies, hosted out our data centre in Dublin, Ireland.

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SmartCity® EazyFuel (Fuel Card Solution)

SmartCity® EazyFuel is a full end-to-end solution allowing you to offer leading, innovative fuel card products to your customers. It is developed specifically for the demands of the modern fuel card market. It offers online authorization with both on- and off-line transaction settlement incorporating multi-currency, multi-language and cross border functionally (including VAT handling) as standard. SmartCity® EazyFuel supports multiple own brand card products (including credit, prepaid and disposable), in addition to offering support for acceptance of 3rd Party cards and 3rd Party networksFuel Card Solution supports multiple card products, including own brand and 3rd party cards, and multiple card types, including the latest in contactless card technologies. It provides maximum flexibility and configurability that allows Fleet Managers create market leading, innovative and future-proofed products for their B2B and B2C customers, including:

  • Personal card holders
  • SO/HO (Small office/home office)
  • Fleet
  • CRT
  • Employee Fuel Card Benefits
  • Tax free solutions for embassies

SmartCity® EazyFue is flexible and customisable, so your offering to fleet customers can be distinct from that for personal cardholders and can reflect your company’s image and branding throughout. Additional applications can be added as required, such as our extensive loyalty solution or unique gift card option, to encourage and reward your customers

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