SmartCity® eTicketing Solutions

Paper based ticketing is set to become a thing of the past, thanks to the revolutionary new SmartCity® eTicketing Application.

The current SmartCity® multi-application card can be used as an actual ticket for an event, thus improving security and eliminating the need for printed, paper-based tickets. The system is facilitated using the Internet.

The cardholder inserts their SmartCity® card into a reader, logs on to the eTicketing website, They can then view all available events and select the event they are interested in. The cardholder then selects the payment method ­ either using the SmartCity® card or by credit or debit card.

The ticket is then instantly downloaded onto the SmartCity® card. When the cardholder attends the event, all they need bring with them is their SmartCity® card.

The card reader reads the ticket from their card and allows them entry to the game. The ticket status can be viewed using a standard card reader or portable terminal, thus facilitating mobile security staff.

The tickets stored on the SmartCity® card are fully encrypted, using the latest security and encryption technology. This prevents the ticket being read by an unauthorised person or stolen from the card.

As all transactions SmartCity® are fully audited, even if a cardholder loses their card, the old card and ticket can be cancelled and the cardholder issued with a new SmartCity® card and ticket.

If any attempt is made to use the lost card, it will be rejected by the card reader and the card will be locked for use.

The event organiser has a more flexible method for offering differing ticket pricing structures or reduced last-minute tickets, thus providing greater choice and a system which can respond rapidly to actual ticket demand.

The SmartCity® eTicketing Application allows for secure, flexible and simple ticketing, giving the event organiser and the cardholder increased choice and flexibility, while offering a more streamlined approach to game or event ticketing.

The key benefits of the SmartCity® eTicketing Application include:

  • The ability to load tickets to the card and use that card as the ticket at the event
  • The increased security of the system over paper;
  • The ability to replace lost or stolen tickets securely
  • The ability to respond quickly to market demand with complete flexibility.



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