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A new and innovative IT security solution is taking access control to new levels with the SmartCity® Secure Logon and Biometric product. Part of the SmartCity® Corporate Solution Suite, this system offers a portable and versatile solution to common IT security problems.

Today, most IT security is via logon and passwords. The key flaw with this solution is that passwords are frequently written down or are common knowledge in an office.

With the SmartCity® Secure Logon and Biometric product, user ID and passwords are not required, as all logon data is stored on the card´s smart chip, making it a portable and simple solution which can incorporate other applications on the same card.

The secure logon system comes in two versions - Card and PIN based or Card and Biometric based, with a digital signature version in production. The system can also be used to facilitate access to websites, secure areas or to subscribed sites such as internet banking or content sites, hence expanding existing content management solutions.

Key benefits of SmartCity® Corporate Solutions:

  • Secure physical and logical access using PIN and/or biometrics using the Company ID card if required
  • Other added benefits such as photocopying, printing or car parking control on the same card
  • Added value schemes such as ticketing or loyalty
  • Incorporation of existing magnetic stripe or barcode based systems

The SmartCity® Corporate Solution Suite is a new generation multi-application smart card based system which can provide for any or all of the following applications on a single card:

  • Secure login to PCs, networks and the internet
  • Extension to content management systems
  • PIN and Biometric based security
  • Physical access
  • Cashless purchases for
  • Retail
  • Vending
  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Video games
  • Event/Stadium Ticketing
  • Car parking
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Savings scheme



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