SmartCity® Solutions for Logical and Physical Access

Logical Access: SmartCity® Password Wallet Solution

With different passwords and logon procedures for so many applications today, accessing PCs and networks as well as storing and managing those passwords has become a real issue to users.  SmartCity® Logical Access  overcomes these issues by allowing users to securely access their PC, networks, and applications using a smart card and card reader.


Using a SmartCity® card a user can:

  • Gain access to a PC or network

  • Lock or unlock their workstation

  • Logon to predetermined applications

  • Access the Internet, intranet or extranet

  • Augment existing content management systems by allowing access to data

As companies strive to make their systems more secure, they are also becoming more complex. In an effort to circumvent complex login routines, users frequently write down passwords, use hacker-friendly codes or bother the helpdesk with forgotten password requests. Even the use of secure ID tokens is not without problems.

The use of a single sign-on technique which encompasses a series of multiple logons to various systems and data areas, in a single process, is the most simple yet secure solution available.

SmartCity® Security Solutions offer a single logon process which can encompass access to computers, networks, the internet or specific sites. It uses a smart card which carries out multiple logons for an individual. Additional security can be added to the card using a biometric, such as a fingerprint.

Two-phase access is provided using the card (what you have) and a user’s PIN number (what you know), while three-phase access is provided by adding a unique facet of the user themselves (what you are).

The SmartCity® card is not limited to the office environment. It can be used to provide VPN access for remote users, providing a single access token whether in the office or outside.


Additional SmartCity® applications can be added to Card to provide 

  • Access secure areas within a building

  • Use car parking, gym or other facilities

  • Purchase items in the staff canteen or vending areas.

  • Tickets

SmartCity® Logical Access is the simple and yet secure way to ensure Users can access their systems and data.


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Physical Access

Physical Access to doors or restricted areas is provided in the SmartCity® system through the SmartCity® Security Suite.

To gain access, the card is tapped on a reader or held close to it, granting the cardholder access once their identity has been verified. Using biometrics can further increase security levels and may be used optionally for highly restricted areas.

SmartCity® physical access allows the user to have one single card for all facilities on campus. The use of a single card benefits the user as it only requires them to carry one card, and benefits the issuer as it confers greater value on the card, making the cardholder less likely to lose or misplace it.

An existing physical access system can be incorporated onto a SmartCity® card by the use of a dual-chip card. Alternatively, systems using magnetic stripe technology can easily be accessed using the strip on the SmartCity® card.

New SmartCity® Physical Access systems use contactless (RFID) cards for quick and secure access.

Cards supported for Physical Access in SmartCity® include DESFire, HID iCLASS® and Siemens OS cards


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